Lincoln Theatre–You are excused for wondering if KRS-One–leader of Boogie Down Productions, one of the most socially and politically aware rappers ever, a guy willing to tell anyone his mind–is losing his edge and his mind. See the above promotional photo, for instance, in which our beloved man looks like a new-gen Mr. Rogers, sans sweater but with dreadlocks. Or consider his recent altercation with hip-hop critic Adisa Banjoko, with whom KRS feuded years ago regarding his own deity-ensoncing motto
“I am Hip Hop.” Rather stupidly, both KRS and Banjoko were invited to speak on a panel together (again, rather stupidly, called “I am Hip Hop”). While there, sources say KRS essentially claimed that Bankojo was an “enemy of the culture” and that he himself was hip hop’s utmost incarnation because of his South Bronx roots. Well, KRS, status ain’t hood, but I’ll lay off: This man is as important as any other rapper with ’80s roots still touring, and he still makes respectable records. But that Temple of Hip Hop stuff is a bit weird, eh? –Grayson Currin