For those of you not on the White House press distribution list (and I don’t think it’s any mean trick to get on it), the Obama Administration has taken a digital page from Ross Perot in its efforts to sell the tax-cut cave-in — make that compromise with the Republicans — that has Democrats everywhere holding their noses.

Just for my own self, I don’t like the compromise. I do understand that Obama, having failed for two years to get rid of the Bush tax cuts for the rich, was pretty much stuck with them once the Republicans beat him upside the head in the November elections.

I do, however, like the Perot-style explanation. Remember Ross Perot from the ’92 campaign, “looking under the hood” of the federal deficit and ‘splaining it with his flip-charts and Texas twang?

Can’t say Austan Goolsby, the White House White Board guy, is any match for Ross. Not folksy enough. Too hipper-than-thou. But the explanation is on the same level of “Federal Policy for Dummies.”