This just in: Kohl’s, the store chain, is shamelessly waving money around, and Willow Springs Elementary School in Wake County is in the running to be one of the favored bunch getting $500,000 — each.

It’s an online voting thing, which is where we come in.

At last count, according to my very good source, Willow Springs was 32nd in the nation, and the top 20 schools get the dough.

So, though I hate these things in general — nothing against Kohl’s, but it is a publicity stunt — the time has come for all good folks in Wake to go online and vote for Willow Springs Elementary. Click here to get to the voting place

The voting ends September 3, so, uh, do it now?

By the way, it’s pretty simple, but do take a moment to be sure you’re voting for Willow Springs in the Wake County system. If it doesn’t say Wake County, it’s either the elementary school in the Willow Springs area of Johnston County (Dixon Elementary) or else one of the many other Willow Springs schools in America.

And for some reason, you get 20 votes — and YOU CAN CAST FIVE (5) OF THEM FOR THE SAME SCHOOL.

Best strategy: Five votes for Willow Springs and don’t cast the other 15. Then tweet it, share it, whatever.