Hey, how’s the atmospheric pressure down there? (LOL) Not trying to be snarky or anything, but it looks like y’all (is that right? or is it you all?) have a carbon-emissions problem and a nuclear-waste problem and a planet-in-trouble problem, and we don’t understand it. Have you looked at what they’re doing in Denmark? They’ve got offshore wind turbines cranking out the electricity, and they’re kind of pretty, too, way out there in the North Sea.

Hey, thanks Zork! Y’all have been a big help. 🙂 Sure enough, some folks from Delaware went over there and it was like, wow, Denmark’s got a pair of 600-megawatt wind farms about six miles offshorewhere you can barely see ’em. Combined, that’s more power than you get from a typical nuclear reactor. (Shearon Harris: 900 megawatts.) And there’s no chance it’ll destroy your state!

So the Delaware Public Services Commission just started the ball rolling with Bluewater Wind Inc. on the first offshore windpark in the United States. I just know the North Carolina Public Utilities Commission is gonna look into that, toobecause we’ve got way more coastline than Delaware, and lots more wind.