McCain suspended his campaign, and called for tonight’s debate with Obama to be postponed, because he was needed in Washington to solve the worst crisis since World War II. Whew! Crisis averted, because McCain’s debatin’ after all. Even though there’s no deal yet … and if there’s “significant progress” toward one, as McCain just said, it’s gotta be pretty much the same deal McCain and the House Republicans walked away from last night.

Have to say, I thought McCain was setting himself up to: 1) oppose “this $700 billion giveaway” of taxpayer money, and 2) skip the debate on grounds that he needed to stay in Washington to talk sense into Bush and the congressional Democratic leadership. You know, maverick-style? (Maybe Palin could’ve worked on the Alaska delegation.) Saving the republic from “elitists” like Henry Paulson and, uh, Barack Obama.

Instead, he seems to have signed onto the same deal that was on the table before he ever got to Washington to heed the clarion call: “All hands on deck.”

No guts, no glory.