• Photo: Mark Turner

Looking for “web-critical thought leadership”? Or “business-changing” ideas for your, uh, business? Then the 19th annual International World Wide Web Conference, or WWW2010, may be for you.

And for the first time ever, ever, it’ll be held in the southeastern U.S., where WWW traditionally stood for wrestling until Raleigh, NC become the center of the creative universe. (Thanks, Sparkcon!)

That’s right, the WWW2010 will be in Raleigh at the Convention Center starting Monday, April 26 through Friday, April 30.

With Google, Yahoo, Lulu and all your other favorite internet characters.

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From the PRNewswire:

RALEIGH, N.C., April 22 /PRNewswire/ — In less than a week, major sponsors, including Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Lulu.com, will bring important demonstrations, web-critical thought leadership and business-changing announcements to the 19th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2010) in Raleigh, North Carolina. The five-day event, kicking off on Monday, April 26th, marks the first time ever the WWW conference will take place in the southeastern United States.

Since its inception in 1994, the WWW Conference series is known for being the place where ground-breaking technologies and advanced Web concepts are presented.

According to Paul Jones, director of ibiblio and WWW2010 conference co-chair, “The research paper that introduced Google was given at the 1998 WWW conference and changed the way we all use the web. We expect that strong multi-disciplinary and impactful tradition to continue at the 19th WWW Conference.”

Gold Sponsor, Yahoo! attends the conference annually presenting dozens of papers by the company’s top scientists. This year, Yahoo! will demo five different experiments currently taking place in their labs.

Lulu.com, headquartered in Raleigh, is at the conference in force to build relationships with the many remarkable thinkers present. At the conference, Lulu is expected to announce a new approach to publishing and sharing knowledge for those in education and academics.

President and chief internet evangelist for Google, Vint Cerf, called the “father of the Internet” in recognition of his groundbreaking work on the networking protocol that makes Internet transmission possible, will deliver the main Keynote on how improving bandwidth will impact the future of the web. In addition, Google technologists and scientists from across the Globe will present key research papers.

Researcher with Microsoft Research and noted speaker on teenagers’ use of social networks, danah boyd, will keynote on Publicity and Privacy in Web 2.0 and will sit in for an exclusive public interview on the future of the web.

The conference typically draws participants from more than 40 countries. Other presenters and exhibitors hail from Facebook, Ask.com, IBM, Mozilla, Hewlett-Packard, Red Hat and more.

Program tracks include data mining, social networks, industrial practice and experience, Internet monetization, Web 2.0, Web engineering, and XML and Web data. WWW2010 will focus on open Web technologies, standards and practices. In addition, one of this year’s co-located conferences, FutureWeb, will feature a series of moderated panels discussing the future of the web with regard to key topics including social networking, web analytics, security, media, design and more.

For more details about the conference please see the Web site at: http://WWW2010.org. For additional information on conference sponsors, please visit WWW2010 — Raleigh: Sponsors.