Since 2006, U.S. beekeepers have reported losing at least a third of their hives each year due to Colony Collapse Disorder. The USDA recently released a study on honeybee health, while a Pesticide Action Network report analyzes the role of chemicals in the die-offs.

Possible causes of mass honeybee die-offs • Parasitic mite • Viruses • Bacteria • Pesticides • Poor nutrition • Habitat loss • Genetics

$30 billion • Annual value of crops dependent on honeybee pollination

10 million • Number of beehives lost in the U.S. due to Colony Collapse Disorder, 2006–present

$2 billion • Replacement cost of the hives

100 • Number of man-made chemicals found in bee colonies

33% • Amount of the human diet that comes from plants pollinated by honeybees

Source: U.S.D.A.