“Allegations that a local Democratic official and her husband were involved in satanic rituals that included shackling people to beds, caging them and depriving them of food and water have horrified county party leaders.” The News & Observer

“Ms. [Joy] Johnson has just proved my theory that far left wing liberal democrats equals Satanic Devil Worshippers. That far left elite group basically have no morals.” A comment on the N&O Web site

“Indigo Dawn offers intuitive guidance, past-life regression, spirit guide communication and healing and cleansing.” Indigo Dawn Web site

“The male victim went to live with the couple in November 2007, the female victim a month later. The documents said the incidents occurred in December 2007 and in January and May. … The man also said he put in a dog cage for several hours. Both victims said they were beaten with a cane. … The victims met Joy Johnson and Joseph Craig through the Web site for Indigo Dawn Inc., a business that Johnson and Craig operated.” wral.com

“I’m reading it as a MySpace hookup gone wrong.” Church of Satan official, quoted in the N&O