Name as it appears on the ballot: Denise A. Smith

Date of birth: 08/27/1952

Home address: 11330 Rougemont Rd., Rougemont N.C 27572

Occupation & employer: Cree Corp/ Compliance


Describe your past leadership roles, both in career and community. How will these experiences help you serve on council? Please be specific about how these roles correspond to a council member’s responsibilities. Small Business owner/ Past Member of Rougemont Ruritan Club, Triangle Horseman Association, Current member of Friends of Hill Forest to preserve our forest and trail heritage.

How do you define yourself politically? How have you demonstrated this political philosophy in your past achievements and present campaign platform? I am conservative politically – and feel that government should guard and protect us but leave us to self-government in our local areas. By being involved in the development and birth of Rougemont as a town, it demonstrates my commitment to my principles of self-government.

Why should the Rougemont community become an incorporated town? To save and preserve our rural heritage – and facilitate the return of ourtax money to be spent on the citizens of Rougemont.

List the three most important issues facing Rougemont, in order of priority. If elected, how will you address these issues? Please be specific. Clean water is a must and I believe the Town of Rougemont should make that a priority … as to other issues – they should be decided by the residents through a series of town meetings.

Identify a principled stand you might be willing to take if elected that you suspect might cost you some popularity points with voters. Clean up the appearance of Rougemont property.

If elected, would you support using Rougemont tax dollars to pay for broader law enforcement coverage by the Durham County Sheriff’s Office? If requested by the residents, and funds are available – Yes.

Aside from property taxes, what other sources of revenue would you initiate for Rougemont through town council? Revenue is available from many sources – DMV- Sales taxes – ABC revenue sharing … the key here is to maximize and get all funds that are available and be very frugal in how we use them.

What type of new development would you support in Rougemont, and where? Mom and Pop stores, a quilt shop, a senior center – a satellite medical facility, small grocery store such as a “Fresh Market”, farmers market and playground for kids (and adults). Shops that would benefit the community as a whole and make Rougemont a pleasant stop for surrounding communities.

If elected to council, what measures will you take on council to help Rougemont grow with residents and business? First – feedback from citizen input at town meetings, a comprehensive but quick evaluation of what is feasible … all again, future growth must be based on actual revenue.

Long-range guidelines from the Durham City-County Planning Department indicate that Rougemont should remain largely rural. Do you agree with this long-range plan, and how do you plan to maintain this vision or change it on council? Yes I agree as do most of the citizens that Rougemont should stay rural. By having the power of an incorporated town we can have a say as a corporate citizen in planning and dvelopment.

How long have you been registered to vote in Durham County? How are you registered? Have you ever changed your party affiliation, and why? I have been registered to vote for at least 12 years here in Rougemont. I was a Democrat and I am now an independent. Why … because as a individual and thinking person I do not side with party line issues.