Name as it appears on the ballot: Eric Hallman
Full legal name, if different:
Date of birth: 02/11/07
Home address: 116 West Queen St. Hillsborough, NC
Mailing address, if different from home:
Campaign Web site:
Occupation & employer: Entrepreneur/Scientist/Educator/Small business owner
Home phone: (919) 732-9668
Work phone:
Cell phone: (919) 810-1810

1) What do you believe are the most important issues facing Hillsborough? If elected, what are your top priorities in addressing those issues?

  • Growth Pressure – Future growth should not detract from the quality of life we have in Hillsborough. Managing our growth means balancing the capacity of our infrastructure (water, traffic, schools, public safety, and other services) with the intangible properties that make Hillsborough unique. As Chair of the Strategic Growth Planning Committee I worked to establish a growth plan; setting growth limits which support and maintain the quality of life we have here in Hillsborough. To preserve what is unique about Hillsborough I will be guided by the following critical test, “100 years from now will Hillsborough be proud of what we do today?”
  • Economic and Fiscal Health – The economic vitality of the town depends on carefully managing our resources and expenses while planning for the future. We have approved a significant amount of new commercial development within Hillsborough which will add to our tax base and provide new jobs for our citizens. Building a healthy economic environment for Hillsborough allows us to improve services to our citizens while limiting the individual tax burden. I will continue working for our economic vitality as a Hillsborough Commissioner and as your representative on the Economic Development Council for Orange County.

2) What is there in your record as a public official or other experience that demonstrates your ability to be effective on the Town Board? This might include career or community service; but please be specific about its relevance to this office.

Four years as Hillsborough Town Board Member serving on:

  • Strategic Growth Planning Committee (Chair)
  • Hillsborough Parks and Rec Board
  • O.C Economic Development Commission
  • Intergovernmental Parks Work Group (Orange County)
  • DCHC Metropolitan Planning Organization – Regional transportation planning group
  • HOME Committee – Orange County Housing group
  • O.C. Partnership to End Homelessness Executive Committee
  • Neighborhouse of Hillsborough – Homelessness non-profit

3) How do you define yourself politically and how does your political philosophy show itself in your past achievements and present campaign platform?

If you’re looking for labels I’m a proud Democrat. But as this is a non-partisan election and I’ve yet to see a local issue that neatly falls in one camp or the other I will call myself a pro-Hillsborough progressive that can listen to all sides of an argument and take a position that best serves all the citizens of Hillsborough.

4) Identify a principled stand you might be willing to take if elected that you suspect might cost you some popularity points with voters.

No more big boxes. No development that doesn’t significantly add to the quality of life for our Town.

5) On more than one occasion, real estate developer American Asset Corporation submitted plans to turn 200 acres on the southern end of town into a mixed-use development, but Hillsborough officials have been reluctant to give the stamp of approval. Should the Town commit to working with American Asset to develop the property, and if so, under what conditions? If the current proposal does not come to fruition, should the Town recruit a new developer to work on the tract or wait until the next offer comes along?

Due to the quasi-judicial nature of our review process Town Board members can not comment on a pending application without putting the Town in peril for subsequent litigation.

6) What kinds of development projects would interfere with the town’s plans for its future?

As chair of the Strategic Growth committee I worked to establish guidelines by which the Town can manage development pressure. The critical factor we must weigh is the availability of water and deny any development projects which tax our water capacity. Other factors that must be considered are traffic impacts and connectivity to the rest of town. Any development projects that negatively impact any of these factors would not benefit the town.

7) Under what circumstances should the Town Board consider changing the town attorney?

8) What lessons were learned in the search for the police chief that could be applied to future hiring decisions?

9) What lessons were learned in the Town’s protracted battle to prevent the construction of an asphalt plant within Town limits? What can the Town do to avoid similar problems in the future?

Fighting the battle against the asphalt plant is what caused me to run for office four years ago. As this is an ongoing legal issue I can not comment specifically on this case

However, this experience has taught me that we must be constantly vigilant in protecting the health and well being of the Town and its citizens. As much as we try to be proactive in our Town Code there will be unforeseen cases which will demand the resolve of the Town Board to make right.

10) What approach would you take to resolve the dispute the factions competing for control of the Hillsborough Farmers Market?

Insist on professional mediation.

In closing:

This is a critical time for Hillsborough as we balance growth pressure and increasing costs of services with keeping our town vibrant and livable for all citizens. I would like to continue working on strategic growth planning, transportation, parks and recreation, housing, and economic development, issues which will affect the quality of life for all of our citizens. While we have made progress in these areas during my term on the board there is still much work to do and I would like to continue to apply myself to these issues as your representative.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure I am married to Elizabeth Woodman who serves on the Independent Board.