January 22 marked the 31st anniversary of Roe v. Wade. It was a day of celebration, but also of mobilization and concern. The date marked North Carolina’s kick off for what organizers hope will be the largest pro-choice march ever on Washington, “March for Women’s Lives,” on April 25.

“The purpose of this march is to stand up and be counted. The purpose of this march is to show numbers and our strength,” Paige Johnson, director of public affairs at Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina said at a news conference.

The march is in response to the Bush Administration’s assault on reproductive freedom and privacy. Over the past three years, the Bush Administration has pushed to reduce access to birth control, attack condom use, transform sex-education and endanger access to safe abortion procedures. “March for Women’s Lives” provides an outlet for Americans to speak out.

Although it’s still three months before the rally, organizations such as IPAS, NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina, NC NOW and Planned Parenthood are working to get the local movement started. The goal is to have thousands of North Carolinians at the march to have their voices heard.

As a result, pro-choice organizations are chartering buses to bring people to Washington, D.C. However, people do not have to march to get involved. Over 700 individuals and organizations already have signed on to co-sponsor marchers and support buses.

To get involved, contact:

  • NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina, Suzanne Buckley, email: sbuckley@prochoicenorthcarolina.org, or call 829-9779.
  • NC NOW, Ellen Willis, president, nc-now@ral.mindspring.com, 834-4073.
  • Planned Parenthood Central North Carolina, Natalie Fiximer, natalie.fiximer@ppfa.org, 929-5402 x45
  • Planned Parenthood Health Systems, Jenny Payne, jenny.payne@ppfa.org, 620-9584EndBlock