Name as it appears on the ballot: Pamela Baldwin
Full legal name, if different:
Date of birth: 11-08-1957
Home address: PO Box 1608, Pittsboro, NC 27312
Mailing address, if different from home:
Campaign Web site: N/A
Occupation & employer: Financial Adviser, UNC Chapel Hill, NC
Home phone: 919-542-6109
Work phone:

1. What is there in your public record or other experience that demonstrates your ability to be an effective leader? Please be specific about your public and community service background.

As a current commissioner for the Town Of Pittsboro, I have acquired through that experience valuable knowledge of Town Government and will if elected utilize this knowledge to benefit the town.

2. How do you define yourself politically and how does your political philosophy show itself in your past achievements and present campaign platform?

I define myself as the people’s candidate. One which serves everyone to the best of my ability without any special interest.

3. Identify a principled stand you might be willing to take if elected that you suspect might cost you some popularity points with voters.

It is not a matter of popularity with the voters but a matter of the best interest for the Town of Pittsboro and the community. However, at this point I cannot state an example because I do not know what issues may arise.

4. The Independent’s mission is to help build a just community in the Triangle. How would your election to office help further that goal?

As one of my objectives it has always been to involve the community in the political process as well as involvement in the community by participation in the Downtown events, visiting local restaurants, Arts community and other festivals, fairs, school events and things which are offered within the community. Making Residents aware that the Chatham County Government website highlights different community events as well as the local newspapers. Additionally, by simply visiting Downtown Pittsboro and walking through the shops and meeting and talking with new people affords the opportunity to find out by word of mouth different events.

5. Do you support Chatham County’s recent use of stimulus funds? Why or why not? How would you have used those funds differently?

I do support the use of the stimulus money.

6. In the past, residential and commercial growth was held back by wastewater and sewer plant inadequacies. The recent American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding for the sewer plant will allow approved projects to begin. But. What about future residential and commercial growth? How will you ensure the sewer plant and wastewater treatment stays on par with the county’s growth?

The Town of Pittsboro Commissioners and the Town Manager are currently working diligently to move forward with obtaining approval and permitting of a new wasterwater treatment plan. Once the plant has been built it will be a process of planning growth within the Town and County. Planned growth is the key.

7. We are in a national recession, and more than half of Chatham County’s residents travel outside the county for work . How do you plan to bring more jobs to Chatham County? How will you encourage economic growth?

The Town of Pittsboro will work more closely with the Chatham County Economic Dev. Corporation in recruit industry and small business.

8. Does Pittsboro need a downtown revitalization? Why or why not?

Pittboro’s downtown is nice but any downtown could use a something. The Pittsboro Merchants Association is currently working with the Town to enhance downtown. But Pittsboro is also a historic town and should remain that way. So minor things such as painting etc. would also help.

9. Do you support the proposed Major Corridor Plan for the county? Why or why not? How will you ensure Zoning and the Land Conservation & Development Plan required to implement the Major Corridor Plan, is equitable and fair to Chatham County’s citizens?

The Major Corridor Plan is important because there should be a plan to insure that smart growth is achieved. The is a plan still in process which does still require a lot of work.

10. If you are incumbent, please share some self-reflection about the pros and cons of the job the current mayor and council are doing leading the town. If you are a challenger, critique the job the incumbents are doing.

As an incumbent, the council and mayor as lead the town in the right direction. The Town Manager and Town staff, Police Department all work diligently for the Town of Pittsboro. The success of the Town requires cooperation between the aforementioned individual and the Town Board. We have encouraged more citizen participation in our meetings and the council has taken an active part in the community. We continuously strive to improve Pittsboro and the prosperity of the Town. We have not raised any taxes and have given the citizens essentially a tax cut. The Mayor and Town Board has realized the importance of clean water and made every effort the make the necessary changes to make this a reality. This is only a brief overview by touching on a few items.