Name as it Appears on the Ballot: Pat Lawson

Full Legal Name: Patrick Lawson

Date of Birth: April 16, 1967

Occupation & Employer: Broker with Remax Preferred Associates

Years lived in Wake County: Over 20 years


1. What do you believe are the most important issues facing Wake’s Soil & Water District? What are your top three priorities in addressing these issues?

Education; Education; Education.

2. What in your record as a public official or other experience demonstrates your ability to be an effective district supervisor? This might include career or community service; be specific about its relevance to this office.

My business experience qualifies me to be a leader in helping Wake County Soil & Water to help educate the citizens of the importance of the issues and to work with local Business in protecting our environment while growing local businesses to provide jobs to Wake County.

3. What is your vision for water quality improvement programs? What are the funding issues with those programs and how can the district address them?

I feel Wake County does a good job of providing quality water. As Supervisor I will investigate all grants that could provide more money to ensure the quality of our water meets the highest standard.

4. Tell us about the issues facing urban and rural residentsthey are very differentand how the district is addressing them.

54% of Wake County is rural while 46% is urban. 80 % of the citizens live in urban areas. As Supervisor I want to give attention to the citizens that live in the rural areas and see if we can provide a good balance of quality water and business cooperation for all the citizens.

5. How does the district conduct its the stream restoration projects? How are streams prioritized? Tell us what streams are at the top of the list, what has been done to restore them and what is left to do?

I feel all streams are important and should be given attention.

6. What can the district doing to protect farmland? Are the districts efforts sufficient? Evaluate the success of the program and what can be improved?

We have protected farmlands since 1935 when President Roosevelt created the Soil and Water Act. The real issue is how as a Supervisor we can work with the business interest in providing the needs of our citizens while protecting the farmlands and our rural areas.

7. Many Wake residents don’t know what the Soil and Water District is, or what it does. How do you propose to educate and engage Wake residents about the district’s work?

This goes back to question number one and one of my main issues, to find ways to better educate the citizens of our role in there lives.