Change. Change agent. Catalyst for change. Mantle of change. It’s enough to make you want to change the channel, at least until someone changes things for the better.

There are 48 days until Nov. 4, when we will elect candidates to office ranging from the President of the United States down the ballot to Congress, Governor, County Commission and at the most (and literally) grassroots level, Soil and Water District Supervisor.

This issue officially kicks off the Indy‘s election coverage. Over the next several weeks, we’ll highlight several notable contests, some of which, thanks to the Libertarians who gathered enough signatures to get ballot this election, have taken interesting turns.

Between issues, check out the Indy‘s political coverage on our Triangulator blog and on our home page in Today’s Newsand don’t forget, election fever spikes with our endorsements issue Oct. 22. Lisa Sorg

In this issue: