Now through Nov. 2, voters will go to the polls to select the president, U.S. senator, members of Congress, governor, council of state offices, state courts and local posts.

Below are the Independent’s endorsements in contested races. Not listed are candidates without opposition. Party affiliations are not given in judicial races, which are non-partisan.


President: John Kerry, D

U.S. Senate: Erskine Bowles, D

U.S. Congress Dist. 2: Bob Etheridge, D

U.S. Congress Dist. 4: David Price, D

U.S. Congress Dist. 13: Brad Miller, D

Council of state

Governor: Mike Easley, D

Lieutenant Governor: Beverly Perdue, D

Secretary of State: Elaine Marshall, D

Treasurer: Richard Moore, D

Attorney General: Joe Knott, R

Commissioner of Agriculture: Britt Cobb, D

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Bill Fletcher, R

State Auditor: Ralph Campbell, D

Commissioner of Insurance: Jim Long, D

Commissioner of Labor: Wayne Goodwin, D

constitutional amendments

Amendment I: No

Amendment II: Yes

Amendment III: Yes


N.C. Supreme Court–Orr Seat: James Wynn

N.C. Supreme Court–Parker Seat: Sarah Parker

Appeals Court–Thornburg Seat: Alan Thornburg

Appeals Court–Bryant Seat: Wanda Bryant

Appeals Court–McGee Seat: Linda McGee

District Court 10–Bailey Seat: Debra Sasser

District Court 10–Bousman Seat : Monica Bousman

District Court 10–Lawton Seat: Don Overby

District Court 10–Morgan Seat: Jennifer Knox

state senate

State Senate 14: Vernon Malone, D

State Senate 15: Neal Hunt, R

State Senate 16: Janet Cowell, D

State Senate 17: Richard Stevens, R

State Senate 18:

Bob Atwater, D

State Senate 20:

Jeanne Lucas, D

State Senate 23:

Ellie Kinnaird, D

state house of representatives State House 30:

Paul Luebke, D

State House 31:

H.M. “Mickey” Michaux, D

State House 33: Bernard Allen, D

State House 34: Grier Martin, D

State House 35: Jennifer Weiss, D

State House 36: No endorsement

State House 37: No endorsement

State House 38 Deborah Ross, D

State House 39: Linda Coleman, D

State House 40: Andrew Hatchell, L

State House 55:

W.A. “Winkie” Wilkins, D Wake County Wake County Commissioner (three seats):

Yevonne Brannon, D; Betty Lou Ward, D; Harold Webb, D

Register of Deeds:

Laura Riddick, R

Soil and Water Conservation District Board (vote for one):

Marcia Lieber or Bill Simmons

Open space bond:

Yes Wake Tech bond:


Durham County Durham County Commissioner (five seats):

Lewis Cheek, D; Becky Heron, D; Michael D. Page, D; Ellen Reckhow, D

ORANGE County County Commissioner (two seats):

Moses Carey, D; Valerie Foushee, D

Soil and Water Conservation District

: Roger Tate

CHATHAM County County Commissioner District 2:

Mike Cross, D

Register of Deeds:

Reba Thomas