A timely message from Michael Moore:

Dear Friends,

Forget the laundry. Let the dirty dishes pile up in the sink. Break out the TV dinners and tell the kids to do their own homework. My friends, I need you to put your daily routine on hold for the next 200 hours.

The great grassroots geniuses at MoveOn PAC need volunteers to mobilize voters in the neighborhoods they’re targeting in Wake, Durham and Orange counties. So go to your computer and send an e-mail with your name, address, phone number and precinct (if you know it) to mmcbroom@ moveon.org. Or call the local MoveOn PAC office at 832-8619. Right now. (Stop reading this–I mean it, call right now!)

I know you’re tired of hearing this. Between ACT, MoveOn, the Kerry Campaign, Manicurists for Democracy, you must have been asked 100 times. What I want to know is, what are you waiting for? A personal appeal from Ben Affleck? A free tote bag? Jump in! Your future depends on it. Your kids’ future. Even your hamster’s. They’re all counting on you. And all you have to do is talk to some of your neighbors about why George Bush gives you heartburn, and how things could be different.

MoveOn PAC has a great plan to win this–by getting your non-voting neighbors to the polls. There are 92 million non-voters in this country, and they might actually vote if they get a visit from a neighbor in the next week. Some of your neighbors might hate Bush but still be sitting on the fence about Kerry (you can usually tell by their awkward gait). You may not be a big Kerry fan either. That’s OK. The Leave No Voter Behind program isn’t really about asking people to vote for Kerry–it’s about asking them to join millions of Americans to change the direction of this country. And the first step is to return George Bush to Connecticut–er, Texas.

An hour a night is a start. A full day this weekend is even better. But why go halfway? Skip work or school next Tuesday. Play hooky for Kerry. What are you going to remember in 10 years? The memo you rewrote for LuAnn in accounting? The lecture you slept through on high modernism? Or the way it felt watching the returns come in on Tuesday night, knowing that our national nightmare is coming to a close and you helped put us over the top. Take it from me: The dishes can wait.


Editor’s Note: Next week’s edition of the Independent will come out on Thursday, Nov. 4, instead of Wednesday to include commentary on the election results. Be sure to pick it up. x