Won’t back down

Thank you for your powerful article on Planned Parenthood (“What the war on choice looks like,” Aug. 26). As one of the 15 or so escorts at last Saturday’s anti-PP protest under the very large Ted Cruz banner, I was privileged not only to continue personalsupport for PP, but join mostly young women in the effort. PP did not encourage a counter-protest, but rather reached out for escort volunteers to support clinic patients.

I did not realize that the Chapel Hill clinic is the only facility in the Triangle offering both its traditional complement of health services but abortion procedures as well.

As Chapel Hillians, we are going to continue to provide escort services as individuals and members of our local community social justice organizations.The CH clinic advises that small anti-abortion/anti-PP protests occur almost every Saturday, though not as large as the one organized as part of the nationwide protest.

Miriam Thompson, Chapel Hill

A little monochromatic

Love this (and The ReCYCLEry’s awesome mechanic classes get mentioned by our friend Anthony Pergolotti), but where are the POC (“Riding the routes with six Triangle commuters,” Sept. 2)? For those acronym-challenged, that’s People Of Color. C’mon, INDY Week … bicycle commuters come in all shades and sizes. Why can’t our lists be representative of our communities?

By the way, bike section: white guy, white guy, white guy, white girl, four white guys, one white girl, brown bike thief. I guess that’s what’s meant by diversity. … The ReCYCLEry knows lots of people who bike to work who aren’t of the same demographic. Or the same hue. I expect more from the INDY.

Rich Giorgi, founder and board chair of the ReCYCLEry