Re: Smart women

Wow, how sweet to see this in the INDY! (“Mrs. Lauren, you are loved,” March 26.

When Arabella was 2 years old, she said that she wanted to be a firefighter when she grew up. Then she gave that up and decided at age 3 1/2 that she would rather be a princess. My response was: “That’s great, but what will your job be?”

I never wanted her to think she could skate by on pretty looks and fancy dresses alone. Among all of their other great qualities, I remind both her and her brother that they are smart.

Now that Arabella is all of 6 years old, she wants to use her intelligence to be a veterinarian and a farmer and an artist when she grows up. Now that I am a bit older, I most often use my intelligence as a social worker, a UMD volunteer, and in countless attempts to entertain my family and friends with silly jokes and comments. Cheers to smart women everywhere (maybe even in your own living room)!

Lauren G, Arabella’s mother,

Re: goats and vegans

Lisa, you stated in this comment thread that you were once vegan and are trying to be vegan again (“New kids on the block,” March 26). I beg you to NOT return to veganism until you have full comprehension of the term and its authentic definition. It is clear that you did not in your past “vegan” daysnor do you still, up to this point. Animals are not ours to do with as we please. Period. Stop “buying” the lie that they are.

I encourage you to adopt a plant-based diet SOON and begin living animal-cruelty-free in all aspects of your life, but just don’t use the word “vegan” until you are serious about the principles/ethics. Poor or misconstrued definitions of the word “vegan” are part of the overall problem more so than part of the solution. We can’t make up our own definitions based on our personal comfort levels. That’s a no-no.

Victoria Hart, via

Re: Aqua water

I have read your article about Aqua NC water (series of Aqua stories, November 2012–January 2013) and their inability to provide timely customer service. I have been in the process of attempting to get a response from them regarding my water quality, similar to the folks that you have spoken to in the article. I encourage you to continue to provide the public information on this issue and their lack of customer service. Thank you for writing that article. The public needs to know who they are dealing with.

Elizabeth Palmer, Raleigh