Last week,
Sara Pequeño wrote about how UNC-Chapel Hill students rushed Franklin Street to celebrate Carolina’s win over Duke, even though there’s still a pandemic going on. Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz said the university is investigating the incident “and will work with the authorities to pursue consequences.”

Our readers had thoughts.

“Send all the students HOME to their parents,” commented Facebook user AN ELLIS. “Sick of this crap.”

“The students at U.nC behaved recklessly at the beginning of the school year too,” wrote MAMIEJANE G BURDICK. “Classes were closed and campus shut down. So they do this again. Sad that narrowly defeating Duke basketball team causes them to endanger themselves and others. I hope they are safe but they may reap what they sew and who cares!”

“Folks gotta celebrate,” wrote BULL CITY POLITICAL NERD, adding a shrug emoji. “Did anyone count masks?”

In other news, a poll from Elon University found that North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper is maintaining his popularity, with a 51 percent approval rating. That makes him more popular among North Carolinians than both Donald Trump and President Joe Biden.

“He has a really impressive track record in North Carolina elections, but I can’t help but think that most of it boils down to luck,” wrote Facebook user JOSHUA PATERNI. “McCrory and Forest we’re both truly awful candidates. All Cooper really needed to do was avoid beating himself, a la Cal Cunningham.”

“The key to his success is moderation,” responded MICHAEL DEBERRY. “It also helps that he’s run against really awful opponents in both Governor’s races.”

“Quiet and competent can win,” wrote CHUCK ALLEN.

Meanwhile, Raleigh reader DOUG JENNETTE took issue with some of the INDY’s advertising partners.

“For a progressive newspaper that prides itself as a voice for disadvantaged communities, I find it tragically ironic that you feature two full-page cigarette ads (Lucky Strike & American Spirit) in each issue,” Jennette wrote. “Tobacco causes 7 million deaths annually worldwide (480,000 in the US), with 80% of the 1.3 billion tobacco users living in low & middle income countries. Maybe the INDY philosophy just boils down to that articulated by an old-time NC bootlegger when asked why he did not drink: ‘Why son, you know moonshine’s not made to drink. It’s made to sell.’ So, it’s just business?”

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