Last week, we wrote about the Triangle’s real estate market and how the COVID pandemic has exacerbated inequities between the area’s poorest and richest residents.

“Thank you for covering, esp. noting impact of Big Tech coming to town, lack of rent control & folks being priced out at end of lease,” wrote Twitter user LESLIE DREYER. “This is how most folks get (informally) evicted across US. Saw 4 homes rent double in Old North Durham next to $700K+ luxury homes coming in.”

“What is going on with the real estate market?” asks Facebook user LORI LIEB. “People are buying homes for outrageous prices and the banks are loaning out the money. Haven’t we been down this road time and time again?”

For the web, we wrote about a study in which Duke, which charges $58,000 per year for tuition, was ranked the No. 1 “best value” college in North Carolina. Some readers say there is more to it than meets the eye.

“This is a little misleading since over half of students don’t pay full price at schools like Duke,” wrote Facebook user FRANCES BEROSET. “Students whose families make under about 60k can go to 100% need met colleges like Duke and Chapel Hill for free or close to free. So for low-income families, the cost of Duke vs UNC is typically comparable… for a wealthy family, it’s probably not a great value.”

“NC State is the best value for the money if you want to have an employable degree upon graduation,” writes Facebook commenter DANIEL WILLIAMS.

Also for the web, we wrote about the actor Colin Firth, who will portray Durham’s convicted “stair-case killer,” Michael Peterson, in an upcoming film for HBO. Some readers were excited.

“I hope they’ll be filming here. Omgosh I adore Mr. Darcy,” writes Facebook commenter MINNIE NELSON.

But some are 100 percent over it.

“How many movies about this do we need?” wrote Facebook commenter AMANDEA ORFITELLI.

“Ugh. Nobody needs another movie about that skeevy murderer,” commenter RENEE DEININGER ADDISON agrees.

But commenter CHUCKBOB FESLER is excited for another reason: “well, I do want to see who plays Brad, the hot call boy from Ft. Bragg!,” he writes.