Last week we wrote about former N.C. Governor Pat McCrory’s hapless return to politics in his announcement that he’s running for the state’s open U.S. Senate seat in 2022. Readers had thoughts. 

“He screwed us before, he’ll do it again,” wrote Facebook commenter Pam McClure. “Comes off as Mr Aw Shucks but is really Mr Destroyer.”

“No thanks, we already went through his leadership and became the mean-spirited laughing stock of the nation,” wrote commenter Sara Felsen. “No need for an encore.”

“That would be quite an elevation for “Coal Ash” McCrory, from bathroom monitor for a radio station to US Senator,” wrote commenter Rob Ligon

McCrory, whose legacy ultimately lies with HB 2, the bathroom bill that economically decimated the state, made the announcement while more anti-trans legislation is running through the General Assembly. In print, our story about a bill that would deny transgender North Carolinians under age 21 gender-affirming health care, has some readers asking questions. 

“Once 18 they can [do] what they want medically,” says Facebook commenter Chris Howell. “Is there ANY other medical procedure that is prohibited to an 18 yr old that isn’t to a 21 yr old?”

“It seems very important for extremist Republican authoritarians to keep fighting new culture wars,” says commenter Aaron Averill. “I wonder why? ”

Commenter Rob Axtell thinks he has the answer: “Money and power.”

That sounds about right to us.