we wrote about the new Starbucks that’s coming to Ninth Street, just a few doors down from the independently owned Triangle Coffee Shop, a staple that’s cherished by locals. Many of our readers, like the aforementioned locals, are worried about what this means for locally owned businesses in Durham. 

“Starbucks comes in the final stages of Gentrification,” wrote Facebook commenter Jeremy Gilchrist.

 “It’s a horrible decision to allow a Starbucks in this location,” wrote commenter John Hite. “Some of the things that make Durham great are being undone by allowing chains to invade downtown.”

 But some readers were more sanguine. 

 “Anyone else remember when Starbucks only survived a year on Hillsborough St. across from State, and then when it closed someone tagged them with “STARBUCKS: you got SERVED,” thus perfectly dating this event?,” wrote Facebook commenter A Holt Williams.

 “I see this issue both ways,” wrote commenter Justin Gorsage. “On the one hand 9th street does have a lot of charm. However, business is business and Triangle can either evolve and compete with Starbucks or they can double down on catering to a limited Customer base and ultimately get crushed. Time will tell what they choose to do.”

 Ultimately, commenter Joshua Paterni says, the fate of local business is totally in the hands of locals. 

 “Look, it’s up to Durham residents to decide what kind of businesses thrive. There’s no magical approval board that gets to control what kinds of businesses operate downtown. People vote with their patronage. … The chains that have come to 9th Street and downtown proper haven’t fared well (Waffle House on 9th, that sandwich chain on Main St.). In my opinion Durham lacks a good coffee shop. … Whatever has prevented a great community coffee shop from thriving in urban Durham, I don’t think this Starbucks opening changes things a whole lot. I hope people just don’t go there.”