On Tuesday, the INDY reported that multiple employees at the Durham and Chapel Hill Whole Foods locations have tested positive for COVID-19. A current employee provided us screenshots of the text alerts they received when their coworkers were diagnosed.

“I work at a grocery store,” LISA COPENSKY-TUCKER commented on Facebook. “I don’t know of any grocery stores in the area that have not had at least one or two cases of covid-19 infect their employees.”

“I’m glad their employees called their doctors instead of stopping by the ‘wellness’ aisle to pick up some fake homeopathic sugar pills for flu-like symptoms,” says Facebook user JON PAUL DAVIS. “Yes they sell this nonsense.”

In other news, Barry Saunders wrote a column posing the question we’ve all been wondering:  What is wrong with people who won’t wear life-saving face masks?

“They have a low intellect,” wrote Facebook user DONOVAN VERRILL.

“The same low intellect that told them Trump deserved their vote. The same intellect that tells them Trump is a great president. By literal mathematical law, 1/2 of our country consists of people with lower intelligence than the median intelligence. So….”

Others were just surprised to see the familiar hat-wearing columnist, known for his years at the News & Observer.

“BARRY SAUNDERS?” JD QUINITCHETTE tweeted. “Where’s HE been?” (The answer: right here at the INDY, contributing to our Voices section.)

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