This weekend, the INDY reported that U.S. Senator Thom Tillis tested positive for COVID-19 after attending a White House event with dozens of other Republican dignitaries, including President Donald Trump, who, as of Monday, was still hospitalized with the virus. Just hours later, his Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham confirmed he was sexting someone who wasn’t his wife.

The “sexts” in question, if you can even call them that, are about as PG as possible.

“Amazing that we’re running out of elections where you feel good about either candidate,” Facebook commenter John DuVal wrote.

“Well, were they actually having sex or just sextexting?” wrote Betty Lanier. “Besides, trump has done worse, Giuliani, Grinch, hell, Gov Sanford left the country to be with his mistress for two weeks and told no one!! Meanwhile, we kicked out Edwards and Al Frankin (on false charges). I say we give Cal a pass.” 

“In normal times, this might be a deal breaker, but the alternative to Cal is 100x worse,” wrote Facebook user ReNewed Mind. “I do not condone Cal Cunningham’s actions, but there is no way I am voting for Thom Tillis Trump’s lapdog. Of course I could just decide not to vote, but of course this is what the Republicans want more than anything! They don’t care if you don’t vote for them so long as you don’t vote! Ain’t going to happen. I am voting straight Democrat and hopefully remove all these Trump enablers.” 

“Eh, so what?” wrote Chris Howell. “The GOP openly supports a man who has cheated on all three of his wives and pays off porn stars. Some less than steamy texts are barely a blip on the radar.”

“I care MUCH more about Tillis’ health and science ignorance and his love of big pharma’s cash than I do about Cunningham’s inability to sext effectively,” wrote Jeffrey David Zacko-Smith.

“We have to nominate more women,” wrote Antoinette Brown.

We agree. 

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