Facebook user DAVID STRAUGHAN balked at the company’s definition of “affordable.”

“$225 per square foot is affordable housing?” Straughan wrote. “And their whole business plan revolves around the taxpayers footing the bill for them to build housing? It would be us, the taxpayers, making a big impact. These dickheads would just be collecting the checks. To me, this looks like someone trying to cash in on Durham’s affordable housing crisis under the guise of creating a solution. That is morally repugnant.”

“Carpetbagging Gentrifiers Look To Cash In On Durham’s Affordable Housing Crisis With Help Of Taxpayer Money,” he added. “There. I fixed your headline for you.” 

“How are these different from trailers?” asked AMANDA LEE MORRIS.

“They tend to be even smaller than trailers, but with nicer finishes than your typical trailer (I watch too many tiny house YouTube videos!),” replied MEGHAN ALLISON MCARTHUR.

“So… a bougie shed [wink emoji],” Morris replied. 

In our previous issue, we published an infographic showing North Carolina’s unprecedented early voting turnout. By the Monday before the election, 62 percent of registered voters in the state had already cast a ballot, 95 percent of the total votes from 2016.

“While it is cool so many people voted, it is hard to feel good about what the voting showed,” mused Facebook user D RYAN ANDERSON. “More than half of people in this state and at least 1/3 people in any state looked at what happened during the last 4 years and said, ‘Sign me up for 4 more years of that.’ This is like being excited that so many people took a test, but then seeing half of them failed it.”

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that,” replied DAVID GREEN.

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