Last week, Sara Pequeño wrote about a $1.5 million drug bust involving three UNC-Chapel Hill fraternities.

Facebook user LARRY AUSLEY had some questions.

“Uh, has anyone stopped to do the math on 1,000 lb of pot or 100 kg of coke? Those amounts and an estimated value of $1.5 million don’t jibe,” Ausley wrote.

 “i struggle to care about the marijuana part of this and some folks are facing a life sentence for a drug crime,” responded ROBIN CUBBON. “what a waste of a person’s life and taxpayer dollars. meanwhile all our whitecollar criminals take millions from us and they never go to jail. put a [politian] or a ceo in jail for life…they kill more people than anyone.”

“If it weren’t for the wealth and skin color they would have been caught years ago,” wrote JONATHAN HOROWITZ on Twitter. “They sent cocaine through the mail. They used Venmo. Students talked openly to faculty about that exact house in the picture all the time, that they were dealing some hard stuff.”

On Facebook, ANDREW SNEE questioned the tone of a quote from the sheriff. ““We worked this case in order to save lives.” So different from the usual tone regarding a big drug bust. I wonder why.”

On December 21, right under the holiday wire, Governor Roy Cooper issued an executive order to permit to-go cocktails through the end of January. In response to a post from the INDY summarizing the  decision—which bar owners have advocated for since March—reader JASON WILLIAMS  questioned the demand for mixed drinks. 

“It doesn’t even make sense. Who is going to go to a bar and just order a  togo drink. Nobody in their right mind would sit at a bar until 9pm and put a mix drink in the cup holder for the ride home.” 

Also on Facebook, reader SUE PIAZZA wondered if the order could go go a bit further. “Could we have a temporary legalization of weed as well lol.”