Last week for print, Jasmine Gallup interviewed and wrote about conservative “parental rights” candidates who are trying to wrest control of the Wake County school board in the upcoming midterm elections.

These candidates brought plenty of crazy and we gave it a good bit of space in the hopes that readers would come away with a critical understanding of what was reported. But some readers thought we shouldn’t have given these candidates a platform at all or should have pushed back against their disturbing views more forcefully in the story.

“Are y’all being held hostage or blackmailed? Blink twice for help,” wrote Twitter commenter @plan_splaining, aka Caroline Dwyer. “This is such a disturbingly one-sided promotion of hate and stupidity that I can only conclude you’ve been forced to publish it. Very disappointing.”

‘“Parental rights’ will be the excuse for defunding public education and preventing trans people from existing in public. This article does not speak to the gravity of this situation,” wrote Twitter commenter @planning_troll.

On Instagram, @seanmosher had this to say about school board candidate Becky Lew-Hobbs:

“Why are you giving this person a platform? She promotes hatred & conspiracy theories. @indyweek you’re really dropping the ball here.”

“A bunch of people with this ‘platform’ are running for school board in the next election. That’s why they are covering it, so we know who they are and can vote on what we see is right,” wrote Instagram commenter @kimloftis13.

in response to @seanmosher. “Thank you for writing and getting this story out there! EVERYONE these elections are the ones that directly effect our families. Please research and vote in the upcoming election.”

And here are some other thoughts on the piece:

“Conservatives sinking their claws in local education under the guise of ‘concern’ for children is nothing new but the current times make it even more insidious,” wrote commenter @Heckthewakeful. “Wake County Public School System is the biggest in the state. If it is lost to such ideology, it will be grim.”

Reader Tim Miller had this to say via email:

“Ahhh, ‘parental rights’ definition: What a small subset of arrogant and ignorant parents/residents want taught to children to ensure they grow up to be just as arrogant and ignorant.”

To spell it out bluntly, “parental rights” candidates are homophobic, transphobic, anti-vax, sciene-denying white supremacists! Don’t vote them onto the Wake County school board this fall.

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