During the first weekend of George Floyd protests, our Raleigh office was destroyed by looters. Leigh Tauss, who was in the office when someone threw a brick through the glass, also tweeted about it as it happened. Her tweets got picked up by right-wing media types. Guess what happened next.  

“The person who threw the brick through your plate-glass window was a hardcore communist,” writes BOB CANUP. “As far as communists are concerned anyone who isn’t a hardcore communist is a racist Nazi. Communists only allow state media to speak to the public. Independent newspapers, like your paper, are not allowed—since only the state speaks the truth, and anything else anyone printed would thus be counter-revolutionary lies.

“Communists don’t do virtue signaling, they don’t care about being politically correct, they don’t care about pronouns, they just want to grind people into submission—with their boot on your neck for the rest of your life. Think only ‘Deplorables’ like me are going to the gulags and the reeducation camps? You forget you too are a raaaacist Nazi, and you’ll be right there with me. Do you find being called a racist Nazi makes you angry because you know you don’t deserve it? Now you know exactly how I feel.”

Quoth SOOKA MEDEEK (yeah, we know): “You got in bed with the leftist pussy agitators and they turned on your sorry ass! HAHAHAHHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA, makes me laugh at you disgusting filthy liberal pigs. Fuck you all and eat shit and die! These pussy antifa folks don’t come to the suburbs because they know we are armed and will protect our stuff. They are weak, punk-ass pussy boy and ugly girls agitators that need to be eradicated like cockroaches! HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA, you leftist pigs are really retarded.”

PAUL KERSEY, from Michigan, has well-adjusted thoughts, too: “You idiots supported the terrorist groups BLM and antifa. I guess previous riots in Portland and Seattle didn’t educate you, huh? I guess the Dallas slaughter of five officers by a BLM black radical didn’t either? How many people have to die before you morons wake up? You are the first ones that they’ll attack. And they did. Of course, if they make it to my town, we’ll end their nonsense in a few short seconds. But you disarmed clowns can now cower under your beds sucking your thumbs.”

Multiply this by approximately 3,000, and that was Leigh’s week. 

Want to see your name in bold?

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