“I am a local music lover,” writes Taylor Rives. “I have been so grateful to the INDY for covering local music and nurturing a healthy and diverse scene in the area. Lately, I have been deeply disappointed to see that the INDY is covering more national acts and dedicating less coverage to budding local acts that could benefit hugely from a small share of the limelight. When the INDY does cover local acts, it tends to profile local acts that already have national notoriety. Why not spread coverage around to budding local acts that can’t get traction in national outlets? Is the INDY a cool kids’ club? Please diversify your coverage. It’s your duty if you truly want to serve the community, build inclusivity, and nurture the next generation of up-and-coming artists who need a boost.”

By the time this issue hits the streets, Raleigh’s city elections will have taken place. Terry was disappointed with last week’s profile of mayoral candidate Charles Francis: “While Francis has issues and I won’t vote for him, Mary-Ann Baldwin is taking money from Trump donors like John Kane, who has called Raleigh an eyesore. [Note: Kane has maxed out to Baldwin, donating $5,400. He’s also donated to Francis ($2,500) and Caroline Sullivan ($2,500).] Why is the INDY endorsing people who take money from Republicans? Also, Baldwin is taking money from Kimberlie Meeker, the daughter-in-law of Mayor Charles Meeker, whose brother owns the paper. A clear conflict of interest.  [Kimberlie Meeker donated $500 to Baldwin. Richard Meeker was not consulted on nor did he read the Francis story prior to publication.] Once again, the INDY is defending the same white establishment they proclaim to be against.”

Emma says she “expected better from the INDY. Your bias has grown irresponsible. Your reporting implies that it’s OK for individuals such as Nancy McFarlane and Caroline Sullivan to accumulate wealth and success, but God forbid a person of color dare to do the same. A black man can only support Southeast Raleigh if he’s poor? Your bias and privilege is tacky and unprofessional. Even though you don’t support Francis, which you’ve made abundantly clear, this was a careless piece of journalism.”

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