Last week, Thomasi McDonald wrote about the mayor of Enfield, Mondale Robinson, who personally tore down a Confederate statue in his hometown and received threats, allegedly from the KKK, as a result. Readers on Instagram had lots of praise for Robinson.

“And the Nobel prize award goes to …” wrote commenter @alvahorton.

“Hell yeah. Knock em down!!!” wrote commenter @gretchn0.

“Wow! Great read. The beauty of karma. #Salute,” wrote commenter @jimmyfree_.

“This man is a hero and a role model for our children. We need more like him!” wrote commenter @hecker.emilyjill.

* * *

Also last week, for the web, McDonald wrote about Sandy Smith, a congressional candidate who has been accused of domestic abuse by her daughter and ex-husbands. Readers on Facebook had thoughts about the story and Smith’s candidacy.

“GOP: party of ‘family’ except when it comes to the truth,” wrote commenter Jay Dee Yuu.

“Yep … that sounds about right for those evangelical, trump worshiping nut cases,” wrote commenter Jesús Gutiérrez.

“That’s cute that they think this will matter to republican voters,” wrote commenter Matt Cuskelly.

“Don’t need to read it, I disagree with her positions without getting into family issues,” wrote commenter Tom Moynihan.

Smith was never convicted and denies all of the allegations against her. We have more reporting on Smith and the allegations in this follow-up story

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