Last week for print, Jasmine Gallup wrote about Raleigh’s newly elected, all-women slate of city council members and the fresh energy they’ll bring to city government. Gallup also wrote about Orange County’s new program for barn cats that’s putting feral felines to work.

Readers on Instagram had thoughts about both of these stories.

Re. the barn cats:

Wrote @KARLESCALOFRIANTE: I am personally familiar with this program and can say they provide exceptional employees

Wrote @MAAMAABROWN: What a great initiative!


Re. Raleigh City Council:

Wrote @RACHELPORTER: Im excited. Lets do this! Female led council.

Wrote @JAHM64: Love this!! Excited to see what these strong, smart women can do for our city!

Wrote @MIKEDPACK: they’ll bring a whole bunch of anti-growth/anti density BS which is exactly what they campaigned on

Wrote @TINA.P.LEVY: They look like they mean business!

We also got this note from reader Diana Koenning regarding our Raleigh City Council endorsements from a few weeks ago:

I was most disappointed in the Indy endorsements for the last Raleigh municipal elections. You were dismissive of the amazing candidate Terrance Ruth. So you helped Baldwin get elected. Perhaps a look at who recruited DaQuanta Copeland to run would have been in order.

You endorsed Mayor Baldwin who shut down the CACs and is rude and rejecting of public input; who did not prepare for and mishandled the BLM protests; and who is buds with a developer given carte blanche to create a Charlotte-style skyline.

Could be related to your out of town owner, Richard Meeker and his Raleigh family’s business interests. Sadly they don’t seem to care much about Raleigh retaining modest housing, affordable spaces for small businesses, or urban trees and green spaces. It’s all about accommodating rapid growth. The heck with our previous lower-slung skyline, which more beautiful cities share.

Editor’s note: The INDY did not, in fact, endorse Mary-Ann Baldwin this year. Owner Richard Meeker’s family business interests have nothing to do with our endorsement decisions.

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