In last week’s issue, Interim Editor in Chief Brian Howe wrote a short photo journal titled “It Eats Time” about an old car he found in the woods near Tuscaloosa-Lakewood. Specifically, he wrote about the alleged kudzu growing over the car. Unfortunately, he never got his Boy Scout badge for plant identification.

“In the excellent photo essay ‘It Eats Time’, about Kudzu taking over what looks to be a 65+ year old car carcass, there’s one large error,” ED HARRISON writes. “The vine that’s eating the vehicle is actually English Ivy. It also eats time, and sometimes entire woodlots. Probably been in North America since the Puritans brought it over in time to plant it on Harvard’s walls. Probably not a new topic for photo essays.”

(See page 3 for Howe’s mea culpa.)

Barry Saunders wrote a piece about grieving the late John Lewis. In it, he used Hank Williams’s song “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” to describe the sadness he felt about the civil rights pioneer’s passing. One commenter took issue with the choice, connecting it to racist comments made by the country singer’s son. 

“Hank Williams [Jr.] the singer was a racist ASS who made many rants and disparaging remarks of our first black president,” STORMIE DAIE wrote on Instagram. “Do better. #BLM”

Thomasi McDonald wrote about Thom Tillis being taken to task for his disparaging remarks about Latinx people spreading COVID-19, which was misinformed. Facebook users love one thing, and it’s making fun of that guy.

“Chairman of the Douchebaggery Club,” summed up MARG.