Last week, in news that came as a shock to no one, NC State decided to close down on-campus housing after placing nearly 1,400 students in quarantine following exposure to COVID-19.

Some folks on Facebook had thoughts. 

“Yeah, I’m very liberal but this lockdown and COVID stuff is getting absurd,” Wilson Owens wrote. “Maybe we just be humans and live with this. Kind of like cancer or HIV or the flu or TB or any other disease. Stop watching CNN and look at the actual data.”

“Would you say this to an ICU doctor who saw their ward filled to capacity?” Susie Hatmaker responded. “What does ‘be humans’ mean in this context? We are ‘living with it.’ This is us, living with it. We don’t get to choose not to. All the other diseases you mention have available treatments and do not currently, in the US, have the ability to fill an entire city or town’s ICU ward and risk the wellbeing of everyone who works there. I don’t watch CNN. I look carefully at the data. I am not in fear. The data is what it is, with safety measures in place. The death rate and severe case rates, if extrapolated to the entire population (or even just half of it, assume not everyone is infected), would still come out to millions dead, and preventably. And for the record I don’t think we ‘just live with’ the other diseases you mention either. We allow the most vulnerable to die from them, just like we are doing now. The US allowed reprehensible disease and death to spread during the HIV crisis by ignoring it bc those in power assumed those affected deserved their fate. Same callous logic in play here as the nation forces the most vulnerable to die at the highest rates, this time not because we think they particularly deserve it for their sins, but because we demand their service for our convenience and can’t be bothered to demand they be provided safe working conditions as they do so. The data, in particular the racial, ethnic, and class data in this pandemic, is disgusting and unjust.”

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One reply on “Backtalk: How to Live with NC State’s Shutdown”

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