Last week for print, Jasmine Gallup wrote about the Dix Edge Area Study and reported that it was sent to the city’s Growth and Natural Resources Committee for further review rather than staying with the full council for swift approval. Readers had thoughts.

From reader Richard Johnson via email: 

“For the Indy to call the Dix Edge study ‘stalled’ is shameful. It was a 7-1 vote to study the Plan in committee. If that isn’t a decisive action I don’t know what is.

The only thing stalled here—finally—is Baldwin’s bullying ‘profits before people’ agenda. After 3 years of unquestioning subservience to big money and backroom deals, Kudos to the 6 Councilors who trust Councilor Jane Harrison to find a better course forward for our city that doesn’t mistake restoring transparent, publicly engaged democracy for stalling.”

From reader Brandon Schwartz via email:

“I live on Duffy Place in the Fuller Heights neighborhood. I moved in a year ago and in that year, I’ve seen the neighborhood change so much. First, my backyard was rezoned for 20 stories and my house sold for a huge profit and my rent was raised by $300. I have been thinking critically about what the ‘Gipson Play Plaza’ and other projects will do to the area and how it connects to the history of Dix Park. I’ve been collecting artifacts for a zine on the project. 

I want to thank you for bringing this issue up in IndyWeek. I feel like IndyWeek is providing a perspective and news on a subject that many in Raleigh take for granted.”

From reader Liz Saylor via email: 

“Thank you for your Excellent article on housing for raleigh … <3 Many developers and builders remember and Prioritize People over profit for All! Thank you again, and All the Best for you and yours! Kindness, Health and Love all around! <3”

For the web, Thomasi McDonald wrote about four NC School of Science and Math students who will participate in a prestigious national STEM competition.

 We received this Facebook comment from reader Jim Mcdonald:

“I’m thrilled these young adults are willing and able to examine incredibly difficult problems and seek innovative, novel solutions. While everything they’re working on might not be the ‘end all,’ their work might spark a discussion, ‘let’s build on your work and go in this direction.’ I also note the pronoun ‘they’ in the article. Huzzah!”

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