The week began with Wake County DA Lorrin Freeman revealing charges would not be pressed against Saige Martin, who stepped down from the Raleigh City Council after allegations of sexual assault were brought to light by The News & Observer

“While I understand their reticence to relive what must have been horrible actions, this seems a bit unfair,” STEPHEN KNILL wrote about Saige’s lack of charges on Facebook. “So just enough claims to make him lose his job but not enough to actually give him his day in court and defend himself. Convicted and sentenced without trial? is this the new American way?”

In response, user ANDY LITTLE said justice isn’t always judicial: 

“This has always been the American way,” responded. “You do something inappropriate and you get fired from your job. Criminal charges aren’t necessary. And in a right to work state like North Carolina, you don’t even need a reason to fire someone. If you feel wronged, maybe ask Cheri Berry not to do anything. If he’s upset about getting tried in the court of public opinion, maybe he shouldn’t have taken a job working for the public.”

In other news, the listing of convicted murderer Michael Peterson’s Durham mansion featured in Netflix’s The Staircase had some balking over the asking price. 

“$1.9 million??” Facebook user JENNIFER LAUREN commented.  “Nah… I’d buy it for $199,000 and only because I know his wife’s ghost and I would get along.”

“Owl be damned if I’m buying this house,” says Facebook user FRANKIE PALMER.