Last week, we published a Raw Story piece analyzing Facebook’s algorithms following the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict last month that found that right-wing websites dominated engagement on a scale of nine to one. We feel like, with most of what happens on Facebook, this probably isn’t a good sign for democracy. Our readers had thoughts—and debates—on the issue as well.

“Right-wing propaganda is very profitable!” wrote Facebook commenter Aaron Averill. “The multinational cabal of fascist elites are very happy with their return on investment for social media spend!”

“If that were the case,” replied commenter David Lykins, “we wouldn’t see the predominant broadcast media covering the news four liberal to one conservative. ‘multinational cabal of fascist elites,’ that’s just too funny.”

“Fox News alone exceeds viewership hours of the next four channels,” Aaron Averill clapped back. “Combined.

“FACTS: The ‘msm’ is right wing.

“An inconvenient truth, especially if you’re selling grievance kool-aid by the gallon. Its no wonder the right wing has gone post reality ‘Alternative Facts.’

“*laughs in Orbán*”


We also continue to get comments from readers on Sarah Edwards’s story on Pioneers Durham, including this letter from P.D. Weddington:

“Many of my criticisms of this ‘church planting’ echo what you already printed. I wish to add another significant point. These newly-graduated ‘ministers’ do not have enough experience, or the  knowledge that comes with age, to launch a church. Her doublespeak on LBGQT+ presence has nothing to do with the Jesus who ate with prostitutes and thieves, fed the poor and overturned the merchant’s tables in the Temple. One must spend many years attending the dying, comforting the grieving, caring for the sick, and being deeply involved in the dark margins of life before ‘growing’ a new church. The location and intent of this new enterprise ignores the existing community and shows no knowledge of Durham’s people and needs. Making random remarks to a journalist about visions of wedding dresses is nothing more than soothsaying, which is not taught at any reputable seminary. To me this seems nothing more than a well-funded scam.”

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