Last week for print, Jasmine Gallup reported on a series of towers planned for North Hills that’s drawing consternation from neighbors. Readers had thoughts.

“Great story,” wrote reader Kareem Starks on Facebook. “It covered the complexity of the issue with different views from different stakeholders.”

And here’s a letter from reader Steve Jesseph:

“Congratulations on a very well written and insightful article on the mess being created at North Hills by developer John Kane and the host of others who seek to make tens of millions of dollars in profits and personal gain while degrading the quality of life for those living and traveling to the area. It is clear to me, based upon what they propose to City Council and the County Commissioners that they could care less about the negative impacts upon the citizens of the city and county all in the name of congested growth.

If you have the time and interest, please take a look at the negative impact of the proposed Six Forks Road expansion project which will literally destroy homes, destroy the ability of churches to hold worship services, destroy the ability of medical offices to perform sensitive testing and surgical procedures, increase through traffic in residential neighborhoods and far more. What is being considered is nothing short of a disaster. I know because I worship in the area and have seen the plans first hand, have listened to the drivel offered by city officials and met with those affiliated with other churches, medical practices, homeowners and office staff.”

But not everyone was so complimentary. Some believe we at the INDY harbor a pro-Kane bias. Here’s an email from reader Charlie Burnett:

“Shame on the Indy for not once mentioning John Kane’s campaign contributions to Patrick Buffkin, Jonathan Melton, David Knight and Mary-Ann Baldwin, and why that might sway their decisions on his developments.

Nor could you bother to mention his financial support for insurrectionist Republicans.

Nor could you bother to mention Kane Realty’s prior (continuous?) support for the Indy Week Press Club, as previously and proudly advertised in your pages.

The Indy used to be worth picking up on a Wednesday. What a shame it has become to watch it become just another mouthpiece for the Meeker family’s pro-Capitalist, pro-developer, pro-throw-everyone-out-of-Raleigh-who-we-think- doesn’t-belong agenda.

At least your papers are good for kindling for the coming cooler months…”

For some context, former Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker’s brother Richard, of Portland, Oregon, owns INDY Week. Additionally, no one on the edit staff has any idea of who donates to the Press Club unless they tell us!

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