Last week, we published an op-ed that criticized local police departments’ use of tasers that have resulted in the deaths of a number of Triangle residents.

We also published a news story detailing the Durham Sheriff’s Department’s lack of resources, which is compromising the department’s ability to serve protective orders on perpetrators of domestic violence.

A reader who identified themself as R.W. from Durham sent us the following email:

“I found it to be ironic that on page 4 of the 2/1/23 edition you allow two authors to attack police and their use of tasers and on page 6 how sheriffs don’t do enough to stop domestic violence. I do agree that our nation’s police need to find a better way of taking down suspects who flee or fight when arrested, especially those who are on drugs or have mental illnesses. However, there needs to be some mention given to the public that resisting arrest is NOT intelligent and can lead to more trouble. The authors of the page 4 piece offered zero solutions on how to deal with those who resist arrest.

“As for sheriff shortages, with publications like Indy and many others derailing police/sheriffs in general, the incentive to serve in those positions is waning. Domestic violence is the number one killer of law enforcement servants when dealing with this issue. It’s not easy. It would be nice for Indy to promote/celebrate positive police encounters and success stories that go on a daily basis out there. Are there bad cops? For sure and they need to be culled from the force. Best practices should be shared by those departments that are successfully engaging the public and reducing ‘bad arrests’. I wouldn’t want to be a cop in 2023 America.

“Generally speaking, there are sheep (like me and most of us), wolves (the bad guys who take criminal advantage of the sheep), and sheepdogs (police/military who protect us from the bad guys). The sheepdogs cannot become the wolves, for sure. But, without good sheepdogs, the wolves will eventually use ruffian tactics and destroy the sheep. I just thought it was ironic that on one page the Indy goes after cops for overdoing it and then on the next page they go after cops for not doing enough. I just don’t get it.”

On a lighter note, Lena Geller wrote a piece about Isaac’s Bagels, a local enterprise with a cult following that’s opening a brick and mortar location this fall. Fans flooded our Facebook page:

From commenter Rachel Bloomie: “As a Brooklyn transplant nothing else in the triangle remotely compares. These are so, so good and everyone who works there is so nice!”

From commenter Linda Bowerman: “So good! We needed this so much!

“I’m tired of stores selling buns with holes in them and telling me they’re bagels!”

From commenter Megs Heron: “Congratulations! So great to see a new business created! I love here in Durham, but originally from NY/NJ where while in HS and college worked at bagel stores for years. One of my favorite jobs! Let me know if you’ll be hiring when your store opens in the fall!”

From commenter Dan Gilvary: “I want to do an internship here. My bagel making sucks.”

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