Last week, our summer intern Mariana Fabian wrote about the anti-LGBTQ backlash that’s cropping up in some of the more conservative corners of Wake County—notably the town of Holly Springs—that we’re seeing during this Pride Month. Our readers had some thoughts about the story.

“Soo threatened. Pitiful, actually,” writes Facebook commenter Erik Engberg.

Facebook commenter Jim Mcdonald suggests a novel way that “Those People” who feel threatened by LGBTQ people might see fewer of them: stop procreating. After all, the LGBTQ community is composed of all of our neighbors, family members, and our children—even Those People’s.

“‘Conservative’ is no longer the proper descriptor for Those People,” Mcdonald writes. “This headline writer might substitute ‘Hateful’ or ‘Regressive’ to make it more accurate. Those People want to shove citizens back into closets and padlock the door. I suggest if they want to rid society of non-straight citizens, there’s this *one weird thing* they should stop doing immediately. As a bonus—no more abortions.”

Facebook commenter Robin Cubbon agrees the term “conservative” is not the most accurate way to describe anti-LGBTQ homophobes.

“conservative is not the right word and really never was. no one that’s been their victim thinks of them as conservative. its just a code word, now more than ever.”

Read staff writer Jasmine Gallup’s follow-up story on Holly Springs’ anti-LGBTQ council in this week’s print edition.

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