Last week, we republished a story by Ana Young from The 9th Street Journal that delves into Durham’s new program for trapping, neutering, vaccinating, and returning “community cats,” effectively outlawing euthanasia of stray or feral felines. As the story noted, bird lovers were none too pleased about this new policy development. Neither was reader Joe English, whose colorful letter on the topic we’re excerpting below.

“… I applaud the comments of one of the Audubon leaders et al that stated the bogusness of the claims re how this was such a good thing and has worked so well in other counties.

I will state outright I am an ANTI-PETA person, these feral (aka any non indoor kittens as all cats in my world are kittens as all dogs are puppies) beings have wreaked more destruction on species and fully destroyed with gusto entire ecosystems than any other force since we began walking around (minus now global warming & maybe plastics & oil-related tasty delicacies such as forever chemicals & their derivatives), and also proud owner of two of the coolest kittens on Earth. Plus even love them more since recently watching the recent Netflix show The Secret Lives of Pets. The way cool hiking kitten, among other pets portrayed, is obviously very much loyal to his buddy hiker that this kitten happens to allow [to] live with him (in my humble opinion).

If in another scenario of life lived, I would have stood up (in of course polite language because I would not want to be arrested) [and said] WTF are you wasting time when this world is literally burning hotter every month. Some things I might have gently shared, if you are fortunate enough to have time to come out and speak at this public hearing … what about caring for the poorest [in] Durham, or advocate for sustainable development that both promotes some aspect of sustainability and helping the lives of those that can barely afford now in the Triangle. And so forth.

And if I could in one moment (and was omnipotent) [I] would wave a magic wand and kill every last feral domesticate-related feline ever more. Now this may be too little too late. But it would take one less intense ongoing stressor upon Earth. Plastics might just ultimately via science or mutations of bacteria be mostly taken off the list (minus plastics so nanoscopic now that nuttin going to get them or those delectable forever chemicals) ….”

Our readers contain multitudes.

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