Last week, we wrote about Sen. Thom Tillis co-sponsoring legislation that would prohibit federal funds from being used to teach about systemic racism and The 1619 Project in elementary and secondary schools across the country. As often happens when our junior senator makes news for doing something inane, our readers had thoughts.

“Much of the history we learned growing up was edited. The reality is much more complicated… and interesting. Filling in those gaps is a good thing!” wrote Facebook commenter Christopher Boyce.

“Who’s surprised?” asked commenter Lisa Meeker

“Thanks Cal,” wrote Doug Maynard.

Marsha Wray Lowry calls Tillis “ALEC legislator of the year,” while Brian Castle calls his posturing the “tears of a clown.”

Durham Minister Paul Scott writes, “For the record, Some of us in Durham have not just been sitting around watching these attacks on our history but have been organizing to stop them.”

Look up “ Senator Thom ‘Tone Deaf’ Tillis Defunding 1619 Project During Juneteenth Week” on YouTube to learn more. 

We also wrote about residents of an affordable housing complex in southeast Raleigh who are worried about losing their homes. They’re not the only ones. 

 “Watch out Durham! It can happen here too,” wrote Facebook commenter Mary Molina

 “Ought to be ashamed of themselves!” wrote commenter Ebonye B. Render of, presumably, the landlords.

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