Last week, Arts and Culture Editor Sarah Edwards interviewed Greg Bower—“The Turntable Doc” of Chapel Hill—for our weekly 15 Minutes column. 

It turned out to be one of the most popular 15 minutes in recent INDY history. The man is clearly loved, personally and professionally, judging by the overwhelmingly positive feedback on our social media channels.’

From Instagram:

“When I first moved to the area Greg was one of the first people I reached out to,”
wrote. “In years past in other areas I’ve lived I’ve driven hours to have my turntables serviced or serviced them partially myself. He is truly a triangle gem!”

“He has helped me tremendously in the past,” @tjwilson2424 added.

“This man just worked miracles on my turntables. Sounding the best they have in 20 years!” @saiddeep wrote.

From @djrasj: ““An awesome brother, has repaired my decks multiple times over the years. Some well deserved love from the Indy!”

“i bought my first turntable from this guy off craigslist, probably 2012. hung out in his basement a while and checked out some really nice vintage gear. cool dude,”
@jasongoodman_ said.

And on and on, the positivity flowed …

Highlighting cool people doing cool things is our pleasure. Thanks for bringing good vibes to the world, Greg.

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