Last week for print, Thomasi McDonald wrote about some Hayti residents who are unhappy with the Durham Housing Authority’s plans for affordable housing for Fayette Place, arguing that the community needs a much broader framework for tackling gentrification. Readers had thoughts.

Wrote Facebook commenter and motivational speaker BASEMENT TO BALCONY on Facebook:

“The more you allow this #propoganda to infiltrate your thought process, you’ll ALWAYS be at the mercy of those who have what you desire. However, the moment we apply hard work and dedication in the form of Black Group Economics, we will rise to the top WITHOUT stepping on the necks of others … regardless of how they treated us.”

Wrote Facebook commenter and unsuccessful candidate for the NC Senate LARRY COLEMAN:

“It is interesting that this issue never gets resolved and the Durham PACs and local media continue to endorse and Durham voters elect officials that never address the issue.”

Wrote commenter MARY MOLINA:

“This needs to be more than a cover photo! Residents of Durham need continuous and detailed reporting on how our elected officials are handling this crisis. INDY can lead the way.”

* * *

Also for print last week, Jasmine Gallup wrote about new scrutiny surrounding the Wake County Public Libraries system following its decision to stock an anti-trans book based on two requests from patrons.

“I would like to see data on how many purchase requests WCPL receives and how many are acted upon,” says Twitter commenter PATRICIA LADD. “This article makes it sound like 2 people asking for a book impels the library to buy it and that has definitely not been my experience with purchase requests.”

“Hate it, but we can’t ban it. We just won the Wake County School Board, rejecting book bans and general crappiness the GOP wants,” wrote Twitter commenter @julithomas5_21.

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