Thank you so much for your “Dog Days” issue (cover story, Aug. 9). I am excited to report that our 16-year-old homeless cat you featured, Butterscotch, has been adopted. Butterscotch came to the SPCA on Dec. 10, 2005, and just days short of her 8-month anniversary, she found a loving home.

In an act of what I can only describe as kismet, while the Indy featuring Butterscotch was still on the press, Butterscotch’s new owner saw the elderly cat on our Web site and came in to adopt her.

But the ripple of public interest that the Indy is bringing to the other less-than-perfect animals in our care is prompting other special-needs adoptions. The No. 1 myth about rescued/shelter pets is that they are in some way inferior; so the 300 animals at the SPCA already have that strike against them. And if they are older, or have minor health defects or physical handicaps, they are even more likely to be overlooked.

Butterscotch’s new owner reports that the senior cat is doing well in her new home. She lives with two other senior felines, and she is apparently completely deaf!

Butterscotch’s story, and the report of the first days in her new home, provide inspiration that love can be about embracing imperfections and circumstance. And that saving the life of a homeless pet can be a tremendously rewarding act.

That’s one animal home–we have 300 more just waiting for someone like you. Visit them online at

Mondy Lamb, Marketing Director

SPCA of Wake County