I would like to inform Stuart Greenberg that we will be living in a post-9/11 world from now on, no matter what we do, so using this to justify constitutional erosion is about as effective as saying “the sky is blue” (“Let Bush violate First Amendment all he wants,” Back Talk, Feb. 20).

No one is hiding behind the First Amendment. They are standing up and saying, “Look, this is our agreement, in writing, that permits you to govern us. These are the rules. Stick by them or get out.”

John Locke’s “Treatise of Government,” anyone?

Perhaps Greenberg needs be reminded of the 4,000 U.S. casualty milestone just passed, the unknown hundreds of thousands Iraqis dead and the tens of thousands of U.S. soldiers narrowly escaping death through the miracles of modern science.

Greenberg seems to think that BushCo does everything in order to “protect our country.” May I remind him this is the administration so closely tied to the defense industry that they form a homogenous smirking blob? This is the administration of back-room deals, midnight passage of unread legislation, unbridled executive power and the full blossoming of the military-industrial complex. Please watch the film Why We Fight. Turncoat? Faction? We’re all American, and nothing bleeds patriotism quite like questioning those who govern you.

As for impeaching BushCo, if the people of these United States understand the role constitutional integrity has regarding the survival of our nation, it is inevitable. People, our Constitution is all we have. Perhaps the chicken-ass Democrats will impeach him right before he leaves office, rendering the impeachment functionally useless, though getting the message across: You can’t cross the Constitution. It is not a “piece of paper,” however much Bush wants it to be.

Martilias Farrell
Chapel Hill