The opening line of your editorial, “We’re the punishers,” was dramatic, but incorrect (Editorial, May 14).

May 13 was not a dark day for the 112 undocumented immigrants already enrolled in our community colleges. Those students, and any upcoming high school graduates who have already been admitted, will still be able to pursue a degree at a community college. True, this represents an open window for them and not an open door for other undocumented individuals, but it is more than you recognize in that opening line.

To say that Community College System President R. Scott Ralls “caved” to the Attorney General is also an unfair characterization.

The advice that was given to the system office last week was requested by our office in December of last year. Under advice from our general counsel, Ralls accepted the advice we requested. At the same time, recognizing the conflicting information, he implored the Attorney General’s office to seek further federal clarification on this issue on our behalf. He was assured they will do that.

If more information is received from that office that supports our earlier position, we will again admit undocumented individuals at the out-of-state tuition rate.

So, please, as you criticize this situation, give the proper information. No student is being kicked out. No student who has been accepted will be refused admittance. At the present time we will just not accept new students.

Audrey Bailey

The writer is the assistant to the president for public information for the N.C. Community College System.