In North Carolina, the big political story of the last week was, of course, state Representative Larry Pittman’s ill-advised Facebook commentary on the Civil War and President Lincoln. A quick recap: in a debate over whether the U.S. Supreme Court has the authority to prohibit state bans on same-sex marriagePittman, a Carrabus Republican and Presbyterian minister who has proposed public hangings for doctors who perform abortions, thinks nota commenter told him that the Civil War was over and he should get over it.

To which Pittman offered the now-infamous retort: “And if Hitler had won, should the world just get over it? Lincoln was the same sort if [sic] tyrant, and personally responsible for the deaths of over 800,000 Americans in a war that was unnecessary and unconstitutional.”

Hoo-boy. Pittman eventually deleted his comment, but screengrabs are forever, and news spread quickly. If there was ever a comment teed up for some Internet backlash, this was it. Take it away, INDY Facebook commenters.

Zack Tucker: “Who the fuck voted for these knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers? Every day I’m more embarrassed to call this state my home. We must vote them out!”

Ted Gonzalez: “You know how crazy the GOPs have gone when one of them condemns one of their own, also considered as one of the greatest POTUSes ever. Countdown to unemployment for this guy. Hope springs eternal.”

Jode Plank: “Hilarious when you consider how many Republicans recently have wanted to point out that they are the Party of Lincoln and therefore somehow incapable or racism.”

Peter Andrew De Young:

Silvanus Slaughter: “Keep it up, N.C. GOP. You’re looking like recycled anchor hair and shag carpet that’s been drying vomit stains from a 1972 dance party with square music and cheap wine, wondering why the younger, enlightened people from 2017 won’t come visit you. You may want to expand your bubble.”

Gina Lowery: “His understanding of history is way too twisted. Hitler called for the extermination of millions of people. Lincoln did not tell the Southern states to vote to leave Union, which ultimately led to the Civil War. Who votes for these ignorant buffoons?”

On to another matter. April 22 marks Earth Day, an annual celebration of the one and only planet we’ve got. Letter writer Kevin Egelston thinks it’s also a good time to remind you people to quiet the hell down, because you’re disturbing his peace and quiet.

“Since Earth Day’s founding in 1970,” he writes, “the United States has taken action to reduce air and water pollution. However, the country has done very little to protect against another threat to environmental well-being: noise pollution. American citizens are pounded constantly by excessive noise from blasting motorcycles, loud car stereos, leaf blowers, piped-in music, car alarms, sports stadiums, train horns, and car honking. Our country keeps getting louder with significant consequences for public health. Excessive noise is correlated with sleep deprivation, hearing loss, chronic fatigue, aggravated behavior, tinnitus (ringing of the ears), and heart disease. The EPA estimates that around 130 million Americans reside in areas with excessive noise.

“I encourage all peace-loving individuals to join Noise Free America: A Coalition to Promote Quiet. Together, we can create a quieter, more peaceful world.”

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