I wanted to take an opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed your article (“Dairy Christmas,” Dec. 16). It was written eloquently. I would ask for you to do another article on all the gentlemen, and especially about Roger Nutter and Bob Nutter’s partner, Mike Strowd.

He is the man behind the scenes who spends most of his time, hard work and puts his whole heart into taking care of the cows so that eggnog, chocolate milk and ice cream can be made and enjoyed. He and all the men who work around the clock in hot and extremely cold weather to care for the cattle from the newborn calves to the older cows that were born and bred at Maple View Farm.

In just the past year they had a cow, Princess Nip, that was classified as a 95-point cow and is just one in 20 in the United States that was born and bred and was classified as a 95-point cow. Let me try to explain the classification: Cows can be scored on various aspects from their type, stature, etc., similar to a beauty contest. This cow is the first for Maple View Farm and truly one of many contributors of the milk used to make the delicious eggnog.

I was so glad to read of all the hard-working employees of the Maple View Creamery and people who are not seen behind the scenes. But Mike Strowd really contributes to making sure that the creamery obtains the milk and cares for the cows, to keep them healthy and happy. Please let people know of Mr. Strowd’s and his fellow farm employees’ hard work and tenderness for the cows that produce the tasty milk.

Bonnie Ledford