As noted in Ms. Fuller and Ms. Sorg’s article, “Bus ridership spikes” (July 30), with gas prices skyrocketing, many people are turning to public transportation. In 2006, transit saved an estimated 3.4 billion gallons of gasoline in the United Statesenough to fuel 5.8 million cars for a year. However, not only are there monetary benefits to using public transportation, but there are also environmental benefits. Transportation is the main reason for our dependence on oil and the transportation sector is the biggest and fastest growing contributor to global warming pollution.

Projects like bringing rail to the Triangle could help with our transportation problems, but plans are stymied by lack of funding. Doubling the portion of the transportation bill that goes toward public transportation would clear the backlog of projects waiting for federal funds. I call on U.S. Rep. David Price to ensure these projects get the necessary funding.

Shelley Lin
Chapel Hill