I appreciate all your coverage of the drought, but I am disappointed in the Indy‘s overall lack of coverage of UNC and the Orange Water and Sewer Authority’s approach to water supply management.

For all your criticisms of Durham and Wake, you haven’t explained how to do things better. OWASA has had mandatory year-round water conservation rules in place for five years now (not just during the drought). OWASA does not sell water with volume discounts, instead charging a volume premium. UNC has invested millions in bringing a gray-water recycling program online. OWASA’s water supply planning documents address community needs and supply through 2050. That is thinking ahead.

Those policies are just a couple of examples. OWASA is leading the nation in demonstrating how conservation, efficiency and utility management go hand in hand. How about some props for them?

Mark Chilton

The writer is the mayor of Carrboro.